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Here's the most AWESOME pics on dA

You say One Direction, I say Alvin and the Chipmunks! ♥
You say Justin Bieber, I say Daniel Radcliffe! ♥
You say basketball, I say baseball! ♥
You say the city is mine, I say the City is Ours! ♥
You say Girlfriend, I say I'm looking for a Boyfriend! ♥
You say Oh No, I say Oh yeah, oh yeah! ♥
You say you hate my fandoms, I say, GET OFF MY PAGE!♫

I have now chosen a name for my Witch Wolf! She will soon be released! 

3 deviants said YAY! I can't wait!
1 deviant said Awesome, I have been waiting forever, man, it's about time.
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Melissa/Pencil Sketch
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United States
:iconpawprint2plz:Hi, I'm Melissa, but you can call me Wolfy.:iconpawprintplz:
Here's a little bit about me!

So first off is an obvious thing, I absolutely LOVE drawing. I don't like all kinds of drawing though, mostly cartooning. I'm more of an artist that thinks straight from my imagination than one that looks at a picture and draws it exactly. My art idol is Joe Murray, he created Rocko's Modern Life on Nickelodeon and Camp Lazlo on Cartoon Network along with other cartoons that are on any huge TV networks. My biggest dream in life is to be an animator at Nickelodeon Studios and possibly have my own cartoon show.

The second biggest thing in my life, especially now, is one that I would have never expected to be such a huge part of my life. Live theater. I got started in the group Class Act Drama through my art class teacher. She was the set designer for the group and needed help with it when they put on their 2012 show, "Seussical". The next year(2013) I did set crew again with her for the production of "Bye Bye Birdie" From set crew, I went to tech. I got started in tech through one my friends mom that was directing the show "Little Shop of Horrors" and needed a spotlight operator. The group that did that show was Playhouse South. From Little Shop, I've done every show since(Jekyll and Hyde, Seussical, 9 to 5, In the Spotlight). From the tech at PHS, I went to the acting on stage. My very first show was actually the 2013 summer performance of "Seussical" I was a cadet in the show. It was so amazing when I auditioned for that one. I had people standing and cheering after I sang "Anthropology" for my audition song. The most current show I was in in was the Class Act Drama production of "Tarzan" which was put on in June. I was a gorilla in that show.

Now for the one that I'm sure a lot of you came here for, My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. I started really liking the show in June of 2012 thanks to my good friend TempestPataki that was really into it as well. My very first piece of MLP merchandise was a Rainbow Dash T-shirt that says "20% Cooler". I still have and wear that to this day. The first pony brushable I got was an Applejack toy from the 2012 "Ponyville Express" line. I now have too many shirts and pony toys to count and the collection just keeps growing. I have a lot of the figures that have come out in the past few years, but due to some recent financial stuff that's happened with my mom and me not having a job yet, I haven't gotten much of the recent merchandise put on the market. I still have enough and I still get some. But on the other hoof, I know pretty much everything about the show and all that. I still get to watch the show every week and I still get to get on the websites like EquestriaDaily so I'm good. Ask anyone, I'm a pony nerd. It's actually pretty funny how professional I am when I talk nerd about the show, so if I ever go too nerd on ya, just tell me. Haha Another thing about myself that's "strange" is that I HATE the term "Pegasister" for all female fans of the show. I. Am. A. Brony. I see that as a separation of gender within the fandom and I DO NOT like any kind of separation like that. The only separation that I totally support is the younger fans of the show being considered "Bronies". No. Just no. They're Fans of MLP:FiM, not a Brony, not a Pegasister. Sorry, but those names were created specifically for the older fans of the show. Little girls that like it are "normal" fans of the show. But before I go any farther on that, haha. One of the things that I love about the show is all the little things they put in it and that they actually put a meaning to the show, it's not a baby show like Dora or something to that nature. It's a very enjoyable show for all ages and everyone can learn something from it.

Now, my interest that I'll bet a few of you will recognize when you hear the name. Kings Island. I call myself a "Coaster Nerd", but I'm more of a KI nerd than anything. I know all the history and all of the stats of the coasters in the park. It brings more magic to the park and all the visits when you go and you can see all the work and history in the park it's self. But the thing that brings the most magic, is that I have a second family because of one website for all the "KI nerds", I literally have a second family with that website, brothers, sisters, moms, uncles, aunts...This recent Christmas, we all went to Great Wolf Lodge and the 30 of us shared 3 rooms at the resort. That's a magical family bond right there. They've been there to support me through so much that's happened.

As for Doctor Who, I'm more of an "I like the show" person. I have not seen all the episodes, I don't watch it much at all anymore, and I honestly don't know that much about the show at all. So, I don't exactly call myself a Whovian anymore because that would be like someone who has only seen the first season my MLP:FiM and only knows a little calling them self a Brony.

And for the one of newest fandoms that I am a part of. Alvin and the Chipmunks! I've always liked them ever since I was younger, but I was never old enough to even know what a fandom was when I was about 9-11. Recently I have gotten back into them, but this time I am a part of the fandom, at least I hope to be if I'm not yet. It's pretty obvious who my favorite chipmunk is, Simon! I don't know why e's my favorite, but I have a little bit of an idea. He's smart, awkward and the one that gets the least love of all of them. I for some reason have made a connection to him because of that. Plus he's so cute! I don't know how anyone can't love him! But that connection that I have to him isn't a crush like an "I wanna date a chipmunk" thing. It's more just a crush as in "He's so cute and I'm gonna giggle at everything he does" kinda thing. So don't think that I'm weird! I promise I'm not weird like that, I'm just weird in the good way. Haha

Now the last thing I'm gonna put on here just because I feel I need to. Robin Williams. He is such an amazing person. I never realized how much I really loved him until he was gone. All the cartoons that he was in, the character that he played was my favorite. I always loved "Night at the Museum" and Teddy was my favorite character(thus why he is my favorite President) and I never knew it was him until just recently. All I can say is that I wish I could've met him to just give him a big hug before he died. Someday I will though, he's gonna know how much he means to me someday.

Another fandom I am in and also one of the newest, The Lorax. More specifically, The Once-ler. I have always loved the movie and the book, but The Once-ler is something special to me. I'm a lot like him and I love it when I find characters that I can relate to that DON'T end up getting a "true love" at the end of their movie or having to be saved by romance. He did what he did on his own and turned around the things that he did. Him being able to do that just makes me feel like if he can do it, I can do it too. I also just have legit feels for this guy. He is ADORABLE and awkward and there is no character that is awkward that I don't like. He just honestly is one of those characters that you can't help but love, no matter how stupid they are. Because believe me, I know how derpy Oncie is, just like me.

And my newest fandom, Harry Potter! I know, I know, pathetic me, 15 almost 16 years old and I am JUST getting into Harry Potter. Honestly, I don't know why, but I have just never been into Harry Potter before at all and for whatever reason I love it now. I have always known who he was and a little bit about him and the books and all, but just never was fascinated by it. Honestly, I am expecting a little bit of hate from it, but you know, oh well. All that matters is that I love him now I guess. I do admit, I don't know everything about it yet, but I am working on it! Honestly, call me typical, but Harry is my favorite character from the books/movies. I really don't know why he's my favorite, I can't even say that I relate to him most because if that were the case, Ron Weasley would be my favorite. But yeah, I am seriously into the whole Harry Potter thing now and can proudly say that I have read the books before seeing the movies and the books are so much better.

MY BACKUP ACCOUNT: :iconmelissatechy:
Cedar Pointer Stamp by SuperSaverDiscord Whooves Fan Stamp by MylittleSheepy
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Lets RULE THE WORLD on this BIG NIGHT, get PARALYZED by BIG TIME RUSH, ELEVATE a little higher and then do it ALL OVER AGAIN.:music:
RUSHER FOREVER:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletwhite:

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-........--""-.......--""- u""u''''''u""u RANDOM NYAN!

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A PROUD BRONY :iconwasplz::iconhereplz:

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If you are one of my close dA friends and you aren't listed here, just ask to be and I'll be sure to put you on! :D

Sisters: :iconbtrlover16::icontempestpataki::iconpyrodaggers::iconbigtimerush213::icondrivin-impala::iconlobalun::iconblack-bolt-ponies::iconnikathewolf005::iconiollipop::icontoonfreakbrony:
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Current Residence: Hogwarts! Hufflepuff house of course. X)
Favorite genre of music: Pop
Favorite style of art: Cartooning
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch
Favorite cartoon character: Gosh there's so many, I can't chose just one!
Favorite mall store: Hot Topic! PONY STUFF EVERYWHERE!
Personal Quote: "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world"-Robin Williams

Big Time Rush Faves
♥My favorite band member is Kendall, though I love them all <3
♥My top fave song is "Cover Girl" and "Windows Down", though I also love "Elevate" and "Music Sounds Better With U"
♥My fave song off "B.T.R" is "I Know You Know"
♥My fave song of of "Elevate" is "Cover Girl"
♥My top fave episode is "Big Time Backstage"(I was in it!)

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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My Little Pony Personality Test!
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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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Dr. Whooves Stamp by jewlecho



so...ive recently been thinking that im not as good at drawing as i think i am and that not many people really care about me on here. ive been here for 3(feels like way longer) years and to be honest, i was terrible when i first got this account. i was annoying, obsessed and jut in your face about everything. its hard for me to even think about how i was a few years back because im so embarrassed about it. if any of you think im still like that, im not. im really not. im more grown up now and thank god i am. it just hurts when i see other deviants on here with more watchers or friends or fans or whatever you want to call them and have been here for such a short time. if i ever did anything to any of you, im so sorry for it. i most likely didnt know that whatever i did was wrong. i love every single one of my watchers and friends on here. i cant explain how much i love you guys. but i seriously feel ignored and even hated sometimes. ive had bad experiences on the internet before and thats why i dont normally talk to people before they talk to me unless i know them on a personal level. i would love to talk to any of you more than i do. im a very social person and love talking to people, but im always afraid of saying the wrong thing and getting yelled at over it or being judged by someone. i really am. so...if any of you want to talk to me, dont be afraid to. i wont go off on you over anything you say unless its obviously meant to be mean. i understand mistakes, i understand a lot of things. i know, this has kinda just been all over the place, but i have been wanting to make a post like this for a while and just havent. so...again, im sorry for how i was back when i first joined, i know i was a pain in the butt and irritating as crap. i love you all so much.


~wolfy 2015

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